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Dr. Shawn Martin & Dr. Jack Gallagher are excited that you are considering their office for Chiropractic Care.

Chiropractor Louisville KY

Welcome to Louisville Chiropractic, located in Middletown on Shelbyville Road.  As your staple Louisville Chiropractor we are laser-focused on RESULTS…and RESULTS ONLY.

Dr. Shawn Martin moved to Louisville in 2008 after a request to oversee the patients currently under care at Louisville Chiropractic.  Dr. Martin had previously graduated from the world renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  After a brief stint in Lexington, with a group practice,  he moved his wife and daughter to Eastern Louisville and soon became one of the most sought after Louisville Chiropractors.

Louisville Chiropractic

Louisville Chiropractic is located just off Shelbyville Road in Eastern Louisville.  We are easily accessed via Blankenbaker Pkwy, Hurstbourne Pkwy or the Gene Snyder Pkwy (I-265).

If You Want to Turn Your Downhill Health pattern in an Upward Trend…or if you’ve been to an inadequate office and need the best…Click or Call NOW.  Every day you let go by will result in a more difficult recovery.  Dr. Martin says “It is like weight…the longer you let yourself gain…the harder and less likely it is to lose.   This is your Health and Spine we are talking about.  Your spine is the frame of your car…the foundation of your house.  Your brain and spinal cord run through it and that’s how every single cell in your body gets information from your brain.  When you want to lift your leg or move your arm…the muscles have to pull against it.  Beyond your Central Nervous System and heart, it’s the most important body part you have; and the ONLY one you’ll ever have…so you ought to take care of it.”  Call or Click Today to experience the pinnacle of Chiropractic care in Louisville.


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Louisville Chiropractic
138 Evergreen Road Suite 102
Louisville, KY 40243
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    Louisville Chiropractic is Exclusively set up for busy Louisville citizens. We ensure that you are able to get in and get out with as little interference to your busy home and work life as possible…while receiving the very best care any Louisville Chiropractor could hope to match.  We have eliminated ALL costly yet ineffective procedures which run rampant in many Louisville Chiropractic and Physical Therapy clinics.  Dr. Martin states “If you’re the type of person who likes waiting around in reception rooms or watching your phone while the doctor talks basketball with the person in front of you…best call an office down the street.  The ONLY two things you’re getting from this Chiropractor are Results and Respect for YOUR time.”  With flexible visit times averaging in the sub 10 minute range…he means it too.

    Dr. Martin is known as the most credentialed Chiropractor in Louisville.  His curriculum vitae speaks for itself.  Dozens of Chiropractic, Medical and Biomechanical Engineering post graduate credentials place him on top in Louisville…he is even BOTH an honorary police office and honorary fireman!

  • Common Chiropractic Misconception

    All Louisville Chiropractors are the Same

    “This couldn’t be further from the truth.” Dr. Martin says.  “There are many inadequate Chiropractors in this city; just as there are many inadequate surgeons, lawyers, teachers, police officers.  In any group there are elite, inadequate and the rest are average.  YOUR life can feel Long…or Short…depending on what doctors you choose.  If you choose your doctors because they were close to you…or cheapest…you’ll be sure to regret it later in life.  Great doctors aren’t Cheap and Cheap Doctors Aren’t Good.  You can carry that line across all professions.”