Building a Stronger Immune System in Louisville

Building a Stronger Immune System in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Louisville KY Stronger Immune System

Every year, influenza viruses in Louisville KY wreak havoc and misery all over the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Do you make it a point to get your flu shot? If yes, then good. But it isn't enough.

There're other air-borne viruses that can cause respiratory illness too!

You Think Your Immune System Is Strong, But Is It Really?
The world is filled with infectious microorganisms. One touch here, one sneeze there can bring up a strong case of the sniffles. While your immune system does power onwards and defend you from disease causing microbes, isn't there a way to make it stronger and more resilient against attacks? There is. And here's how:

Get enough sleep and manage stress

Stress overload, paired with sleep deprivation, will automatically increase cortisol, the hormone which brings about feelings of melancholy, sadness and depression in people.

If prolonged for long, this will suppress the immune system's proper function.

Avoid tobacco and secondhand smoke

The dangers of second-hand smoke and tobacco - in smoke or solid form - are well known to people. Not only does smoking lead to lung and throat cancer, it also reduces effectiveness of basic immune defenses, raises the risk of pneumonia and bronchitis and causes middle ear infections in children.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

Avoid processes and pre-packaged foods at all costs! Eating a well balanced meal three times a day will give the required nutrients and energy to your body.

Eating seeds and nuts will enable your immune system to work in the way it's supposed to.

Eat probiotic rich yoghurt instead of pills

Probiotics, whether in food or pills, have been known to stimulate white blood cells and are widely available for straight consumption. While doctors usually prescribe pills, you don't necessarily have to take them.

Research conducted by the University of Vienna in Austria found that yoghurt had nearly the same amount of prebiotics as a pill prescription. Eating yoghurt will also make your bones strong.

Take in vitamin D straight from the sun

Vitamin D is absolutely essential for a strong immune system. What is the best (and free way) to get lots of it? Sunshine! Just 15 minutes of sitting outside, either in the morning sun or the late afternoon will curtail your daily vitamin D requirement.

Trying chiropractic care as an alternative solution

Our immune and nervous system are hardwired, which means they work together and create optimal responses. The body takes cue from these positive responses and heals accordingly. Any neural dysfunctions (due to spinal misalignments) create stress on the body and create abnormal changes that, in turn, lead to a poor immune response.

Chiropractic care, i.e. spinal and muscular adjustments has been shown to improve these responses for the better and boost the immune as well as the nervous system. For more information on the subject, contact Dr. Martin of Louisville Chiropractic today.


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