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Can Chiropractic Care Help With Weight Loss in Louisville

Can Chiropractic Care Help With Weight Loss in Louisville?

weight loss in Louisville KY

Obesity has become a global problem affecting millions around the world. From rigorous workout plans to medical supplements, people use all kinds of strategies to help them lose those nasty pounds.

While chiropractic care is not a magic cure for weight loss, it has proven to be effective in dealing with the condition.

With adjustments to the spine and a healthy diet plan that the chiropractor suggests, the therapeutic procedure may have found the trick.

Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care deals with the healing of the entire body. It is a drug-free, hands-on treatment procedure that adjusts misalignment in the spine to allow the body to stay healthy.

Since spinal cord sends and receives signals directly to and from the brain, the treatment procedure has had tremendous success in reducing pain and diminishing muscle tightness.

Taking a Holistic Approach
Chiropractors take a multi modal approach to deal with obesity. From assessing the nutritional needs of the affected to evaluating the need to administer spinal manipulation for muscle relaxation, they take a very holistic approach to healing obesity.

The way a body functions is complicated and factors such as, hormone levels, metabolism, and digestion have their effects on it. Experts in the field of chiropractic care believe that it can make changes to the way a person’s body operates. By restoring the body to a state of ease, it is believed that the spinal adjustment may encourage weight loss.

What Science Says
To clarify the point further, let’s take a look at what scientific research says. According to an international journal ‘Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice’, a weight loss regimen, along with chiropractic care, helped patients lose weight.

A total of 30 participants in Body Mass Index’s overweight category took part in the program. The participants were provided guidelines regarding exercise routines and caloric limits. Also, once every week, they were scheduled to meet a chiropractic expert. The practitioner would provide them with guidance and some form of spinal treatment. The process continued for 13 weeks after which, it was found that the results were achieved. The 16 participants who successfully got through the program had, on average, lost 15.52 pounds.

However, one of the caveats that the researchers mentioned was that the results were not achieved just by spinal manipulation and there were other factors into play too. Their conclusion was that chiropractic care, along with healthy exercise and nutritional plans, may help in weight reduction.

Using latest in chiropractic care, Dr. Martin has been known for treating dysfunctions related to spinal cord. To know more about him, view these reviews for Louisville Chiropractic.


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