Don’t Take Muscle Spasms Lightly in Louisville KY

Don't Take Muscle Spasms Lightly in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Louisville KY Muscle Spasms

People working a nine-to-five and having to sit in front of a computer screen all day usually complain about a sore neck or back at the end of a work day.

They think nothing of it, usually take a painkiller and hope it goes away. It usually does - for the time.

Muscle spasms or cramps in Louisville KY should not be taken lightly. Why?

What Is a Muscle Spasm in Louisville KY?

Also known as a muscle cramp, it's an involuntary contraction of any muscle in the body. With muscle spasms, you won't be able to suspect the next occurrence as they happen suddenly and usually resolve quickly. Muscle spasms are often very painful.

Like their intensity level, it occurs due to varying causes. Each cause depends on:

  • Predisposed factors
  • Part of body involved
  • And the environment

For instance, a spasm may occur when muscles are overused and tired, a person holds the same position for a very long time, or the muscle in question is overstretched.

What Happens Then?

Simple enough, energy and fluid in the muscle cells is depleted. The muscle reaches a state of hyperexcitment which results in a forceful contraction. The spasm may occur in part of a muscle, the whole muscle, or even surrounding muscles.

A skeletal muscle spasm due to overuse is often seen in:

  • Athletes
  • Construction Workers
  • With routine and daily activities (moving, raking grass, shoveling snow)
  • Doing unfamiliar exercise and strenuous activities
  • Office workers

What Are Risk Factors For Muscle Spasms?

Majority of people today are at risk of developing muscle cramps, at any time of their life.

While the causes may differ, often, the risks associated with muscle cramps are severe and depend on past medical history of the sufferer, his occupation, and level of physical activity.

Following are some risk factors that should relay how grave a simple muscle cramp can be:

  • Construction and factory workers are at risk of dehydration and developing heat cramps. The same can happen with athletes, either professional or recreational.
  • Patients with peripheral artery disease are at risk of developing nocturnal leg cramps. The same can happen for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or a history of smoking.
  • Patients with underlying neurologic disorders.

There's good news for people suffering from muscle spasms. Besides pain relievers and medicine that can showcase side-effects, chiropractor care is another option that's known to have good results. Get in touch with your capable chiropractor in Louisville KY and see the long term results in a very short time!


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