Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Arthritis in Louisville KY

Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Arthritis in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Louisville KY Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Arthritis

Arthritis is a joints disorder and can affect a number of joints at the same time. Most of these conditions are caused by inflammation. It is a physical state of the body after an injury or infection. Four characteristic signs of inflammation in Louisville KY are redness, burning, swelling and pain.

As inflammation plays such a huge part in arthritis, it becomes obvious for arthritics to avoid foods that can increase inflammation. But do we know that some of very common and favorite foods lie in the same category? Complete cut down is not required, but certain foods can be avoided easily.

Here, we note a few of these foods- take note and start cutting down!

Fried And Processed Food

Who hasn't thought of cutting down the greasy, oily food at some point in their life? Now we have a very good reason to follow through which is also proven by research. Mount Sinai Medical School researchers have proven that cutting fried food from our diet can help prevent inflammation. So what do you do when you have had dinner and still looking for something to munch on? Grab an apple or cucumber instead.

Sugary food

All the food we take in is mostly a combination of three important classes of nutrients; proteins, carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids (fats and oils).

Sometimes, when we take high amounts of sugar, they react with proteins or lipids, to give AGEs. These are "Advanced Glycation End-products" which can increase inflammation in the body.

Other than carbohydrates, grilled and fried food can also produce AGEs. So avoid all that confectionary you have stocked up in your refrigerator. Also quit soda and lower your rice and white bread intake.

Dairy Products

Proteins in dairy items can also cause inflammation, but as we know these are rich in proteins and vitamin D. So, it is instead recommended to minimize dairy intake but supplement your protein and vitamin requirements with vegetables and fruits.

Alcohol And Tobacco

Both of these increase inflammation as well as cause a number of other bodily harm. A complete cut down is recommended if you have arthritis. Improve your health by including exercise and healthy diet in your routine.


Salt is an important part of our diet and necessary for survival. It is the excessive intake of salt that can harm your body. So take salt but only in modest amounts.

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