Pain Personality: Impact Of Pain On Your Personality in Louisville KY

Pain Personality: Impact Of Pain On Your Personality in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Louisville KY Pain Personality

Imagine if extreme discomfort or pain was your constant companion.

People who deal with acute or chronic pain find it very difficult to manage a healthy lifestyle. Chronic pain in Louisville KY sticks with an individual beyond the healing time of an injury and in some cases may not even be cured. The intensity of pain fluctuates with time and movement, which impacts various areas of life like, mood, health, movement, social interaction, etc.

Negative feelings and pain
Constant pain affects everything, job performance, relationship, and participation in outdoor, social, or normal activities. When the impact is so widespread, negative emotions are predictable.

People with chronic pain suffer physically and psychologically. Activities that were easy earlier become a painful ordeal. Individuals feel defeated due to their medical condition and avoid interaction. This leads to further development of negative feelings.

Depression and pain
Science has found a strong link between pain and depression. Both conditions can co-exist and exacerbate the individual's condition. Depression remains under-diagnosed among chronic pain individuals; it worsens pain and limits movement to a greater degree.

Pain catastrophizing
Living with pain is not easy. Psychological stress caused by pain may lead to exaggeration or magnification of pain intensity, which can further increase sense of helplessness, loss of mobility, anger, anxiety, depression, and negative emotions.

When life is completely restricted by a medical condition, the condition becomes the identity of a person. This leads to manifestation of anxiety, which leads to avoidance behavior.

Eventually, a person stops participating and interacting with others, as he believes he truly can't perform certain activities. Inflated pain symptoms can be treated with a mix of physical therapy and cognitive behavior therapy.

The stigma attached to pain
Phrases like 'work through the pain' and 'no pain, no gain' can be a huge de-motivating factor for a lot of people.

People struggle with chronic pain every day, normal activities like walking down the stair is a challenge for them. When society tells them to be strong and work through the pain, they label themselves as weak and a failure. Social stigma attached to pain also prevents many from seeking treatments.

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