Sports Injury Recovery with Chiropractic Therapy in Louisville KY

Sports Injury Recovery with Chiropractic Therapy in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Louisville KY Sports Injury Therapy

As an athlete, you'd agree that sports demand a lot from the body. Running, jumping or exercises can put unexpected pressure on your body.

Our body is prone to sustain injuries such as tears, strains or sprains.

Studies show that chiropractic improves athlete's performance by spinal manipulation.

Here's how a Louisville KY chiropractor can help sports injuries:

Louisville KY Chiropractic Therapy for Sports Injuries

Chiropractic therapy helps with several sports injuries. Sprains, back and neck pain, tendonitis are just a few to name.

Chiropractic therapy reduces inflammation and pain, boosting mobility.

A spine and musculoskeletal specialist chiropractor can help treat athlete's lower back and musculoskeletal injuries. Professional sports organizations such as the National Football League (NFL) amongst others, have chiropractors on staff.

They not only help address injuries, but in the realm of sports health care, chiropractors also act as emergency care providers and pre-participation examiners. This helps professionals to determine and treat injury.

Faster Healing Process

If you have had an acute sports injury for less than three months, there is a fair chance it can lead to chronic injuries, especially if you continue to use that part of a body. This often results in swelling, pain or loss of motion.

With a blend of chiropractic therapy and massage treatment, the healing process is accelerated and any chance of further injury is reduced.

Better Mobility

Chiropractors use several therapies to ease the stiff muscles, tendons, and soft-tissues, including stretches, ice therapy, electric muscles stimulation and ultrasound amongst others.

With the help of these physiotherapies, soft muscles loosen and enhance the flexibility and mobility.

Reduced Pain

Inflammation causes the ligaments to move out of their place. This becomes a hindrance in the healing process, subjecting the body to mild or severe pain.

Medicines only act to solve the symptoms of pain but do nothing to eradicate the root cause. Chiropractic therapy can help speed up the recovery process, consequently eliminating the pain. Our immune system is directly connected to the spine; when it is aligned, functionality of the immune system is optimized.

According to a study, 94 percent of patients experienced 30% pain reduction with spinal manipulation.

Get In Touch With a Chiropractor for Recovery

With chiropractic therapy, you can rest assured that your body will enjoy optimal mobility. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Louisville KY, call Dr. Shawn Martin. He has extensive experience in caring for spinal-related issues that can help with sports injury. Call and book an appointment now: (502) 489-8480


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