Sports Injury? The Chiropractor will Take Care of it in Louisville KY

Sports Injury? The Chiropractor will Take Care of it in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Louisville KY Sports Injury Relief

Have you ever been limited from participating in your favorite sport due to a sports injury in Louisville KY? Indeed, there is nothing more disappointing than that. However, whether you are an athlete, or a weekend sports enthusiast, you know that getting back into action is the most important thing.

Louisville KY Sports injuries - How are they caused!

Before participating in any sports, athletes go through rigorous training sessions. Swimmers spend around 3 to 5 hours, daily, in the water; runners run over 200 miles each week.

Since they put their bodies through activities such as jumping, running and tackling on a regular basis, these often result in strains and sprains, leaving them in severe pain and tears.

Other reasons why athletes suffer sports injuries are due to sudden forceful impacts or failing to warm up properly.

Hamstring strain, a low back strain, a runner's knee, or a tennis elbow, are all examples of sports injuries.

Sports injuries often require a lot of time to heal which is why they can be really frustrating. You want to get back on the field quickly, but the injury restricts you. Getting your injury assessed and treated by a chiropractor is one way of getting back on your feet quickly.

Chiropractors do not just heal your injury, but help you screen out bad habits that can cause further injuries


Chiropractors are trained in treating and preventing injuries of the back, neck, shoulder, ankle and knee. They are skilled at adjusting the spine while ensuring that bones are balanced as well as aligned. This is important to relieve tension in the body, make the body function better and become less prone to injury.

Most chiropractic techniques are aimed at restoring or enhancing joint function while reducing pain as they resolve joint inflammation. The hands-on therapy is more commonly used to treat back and neck injuries.

Regular visits to the chiropractor can help promote recovery after, and improve overall balance in performance during, these matches and training sessions.

The process

Chiropractors first examine the athlete's health, spine, posture and balance. Then, they perform a structural exam of their tendons, ligaments, and joints. Using this information, they decide whether spinal mobilization would be more effective or spinal manipulation.

Spinal mobilization is used for athletes who need a gentle approach. Therefore, they use simple stretches or tools to release pressure in the joints.

However, during spinal manipulations, chiropractors put the athlete in different positions and then do a manual impulse to the affected joint. This way, pressure is released in the joints and muscles and joints are aligned so that they now work like they should.

Sometimes, cracking sounds are heard due to the impulse. This is called cavitation. It is caused by the release of the gas that occurs when the joint opens up and movement is restored.

Chiropractors also use other treatment methods such as using heat, ice, and electric stimulation to relieve pain. Added to this, they also help prevent injuries.

Professional athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, and Michal Jordan all relied on chiropractics to keep them healthy!

If you're looking for professional chiropractors in Louisville KY, get in touch with Louisville Chiropractic, now! Their team of chiropractic experts treats all sports injuries.


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