What to Expect at Your First Visit to a Chiropractor in Louisville KY

What to Expect at Your First Visit to a Chiropractor in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Louisville KY What To Expect At Your First Visit

Chiropractic in Louisville KY is an alternative healthcare system that deals with spinal structure and its functioning. It is considered an alternative or complementary health approach. It deals with spinal manipulation and provides treatment for a variety of physical ailments.

If you are new to the therapeutic approach, you might feel a bit anxious. We at Louisville Chiropractic provide a brief description of what you can expect from your first visit to a chiropractor. Read on:

Taking Your History and Understanding Symptoms

First up, you will be asked to fill up a brief questionnaire. You will have to enter details related to your medical history and appearance of symptoms. Some of the questions that you will encounter include;

  • When did the pain first start?
  • Where do you feel it most?
  • Describe the sensations of the pain?
  • What circumstances make the pain worse?
  • Other information might include family medical history, records of previous injuries, etc.

Carrying Out a Chiropractic Examination

After you have provided the information, a brief chiropractic exam will be conducted by the chiropractor. This exam is carried out to check your range of emotions, reflexes, muscle strength, etc.

An x-ray of the spinal area can also be conducted. This will give the practitioner an idea about the damage that has been caused.

Your First Spinal Readjustment in Louisville KY

After your initial body examination, your chiropractor will determine if you will benefit from back adjustment.

Depending on your condition, your chiropractor might decide to provide you with spinal adjustment for pain relief. This will take place in a comfortable room. You will have to lie face down or sit upright. Using effective techniques, the chiropractic will carry out spinal readjustment to help you get immediate pain relief.

Determining Future Course of Action and Creating a Treatment Plan
If you are suffering from chronic pain, you might need to visit the practitioner on weekly or monthly basis. Your chiropractor will provide you with useful guidelines and steps to follow in future.

Taking into consideration your physical condition and overall health, he/she will help you create a comprehensive treatment plan. Here are some treatment goals that he/she might set:

Adjustments of joint dysfunctions

  • Providing stimulation to improve soft tissue healing and controlling pain
  • Providing education to patients regarding posture and motor coordination
  • Recommend other treatment methodologies, such as massage therapy, heat application, etc.

We at Louisville Chiropractic are a personal and family care chiropractic center in Louisville KY. Thoroughly understanding the science of chiropractic methodology, our clinical director, Dr. Shaun Martin, provides efficient chiropractic services. Learn more about him.


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