Chiropractic Care of The Four Most Common Soccer Injuries in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Care of The Four Most Common Soccer Injuries in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Louisville KY Chiropractic Care For Soccer Injuries

Soccer is a dynamic sport. Soccer players take part in long, intense and rigorous training sessions so injuries such as strains and muscle pulls are common. However, some injuries can evolve into serious chronic issues in Louisville KY.

Fact: Did you know that on average almost 8.5 soccer injuries occur every 1000 hours!

According to FIFA, the most common injuries include head injuries, hamstring sprains, knee injuries and ankle injuries. Many soccer players have reported about their injuries developing into chronic issues and them having to fight these complex issues to continue playing for the rest of their careers.

How Louisville KY Chiropractors Can Help

Chiropractic care is one interdisciplinary approach that can help soccer players suffering with injuries. Chiropractors are experienced in understanding and dealing with neuro-musculoskeletal issues that include the biomechanical structure and nervous system of the body.

Since they know the mind-body connection, they help soccer players suffering from complex and chronic issues as well as repetitive strains and routine strain injuries.

They help players by telling them the correct way of resting their joints so that blood flows properly and provides sufficient nutrients to the part that is affected. This speeds up the rehabilitation process.

Soccer players have to constantly twist their back during the match because soccer requires them to use their core strength and stability to run and kick the ball with power.

So, although actual spinal injury occurs very rarely in soccer, due to the constant movement of the lower back the cervical spine can get flexed and the cervical lordosis can flatten eventually compressing the discs and damaging the ligaments and muscles. These rare injuries can even cause paralysis.

Therefore, preparing the core strength of soccer players is important for professional games so that they can perfectly deal with tackles made at them at high speeds. And it also helps in avoiding routine strains.

The core strength of a player makes them more resistant to impacts and injuries, and chiropractors play an important role in preparing their core strengths. A chiropractor helps a soccer player improve their performance by increasing their flexibility through certain adjustments.

Chiropractors play an important role in avoidance of injury as well as rehabilitation. They make players perform special exercises that pull the connective tissues together and strengthen their core. This helps increase their power, endurance and strength in their leg muscles so that they can strike the ball effectively.

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