What Is The Cause of Your Neck Pain in Louisville KY

What Is The Cause of Your Neck Pain in Louisville KY

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Pain in any of the neck structures, including spinal vertebrae, discs, muscles and nerves, is classified as neck pain. Pain or discomfort in other areas such as upper arms, shoulder, jaw and head can also result in this type of pain.

Neck pain in Louisville KY can occur as a shooting ache radiating into your shoulder and arms. You may also feel a numbness or stiffness with or without a loss of strength in arms and hands. Since our necks are flexible structures and support our heads, they are especially vulnerable to injuries and other factors that can cause pain.

Do you have neck pain and stiffness? It could be a result of any of the following:


It is the most common cause of neck pain and a result of our routine activities. A poor posture and hunching over screens for hours can cause muscle fatigue and strain. Other activities may include sleeping in a bad position and jerking neck during exercise.

Injuries in Louisville KY

The most common injury is 'whiplash' caused by a sudden jerk of head. Whiplash and other neck injuries may occur as a result of an accident, during sports or sudden falls. These injuries cause muscles and ligaments of neck to stretch far more than they normally would. This results in prolonged neck pain.

Worn Joints

Joints undergo wear and tear like any other part of our body. This is a slow process which increases with age. It can result in osteoarthritis, a condition which causes cartilage (cushion between the bones) to deteriorate. If this happens in your neck, it can cause pain and affect movement.

Nerve Compression

Our back has around 32 vertebrae which form a hollow canal, called spinal canal. Several small delicate nerves come out of the spinal canal. There is space between each of these vertebrae. When this reduces due to any reason, it can compress nerves.

These compressed nerves cause ache in the neck region. This decrease in space can be because of a stiffened or a herniated disc.


Neck pain can also be a result of an underlying disease condition. Rheumatoid arthritis affects the neck joints, meningitis which is a condition affecting the lining of brain and spinal cord, and spinal tumors can also cause neck pain.

Medical interventions as well as treatments are available for these conditions. However, for simple neck pain because of muscle strain, often such interventions or medications are not needed. Resting and a change of habits can help improve the pain. For pain management, you can also consult a chiropractor. To consult a chiropractor in Louisville KY, book an appointment with us through email or a phone call.


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