Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Lower Back Pain in Louisville KY

Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Lower Back Pain in Louisville

Chiropractic Louisville KY Choosing The Right Mattress

You may be wondering; what do mattresses have to do with chronic back pain in Louisville KY? The stats speak for themselves.

A study reveals that the vast number of back pain cases reported can be directly attributed to factors like: occupational strain, a physical injury, discomfort while sleeping on uneven or hard surfaces-or a combination of them.

In fact, it is important to take note that even young people are subject to this stress, being one of the main cause of disability under 45 years old.

Addressing the issue of finding the right mattress for your back, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

We might tend to overlook this, but good posture is essential-even while sleeping. Your back needs to relax. Your spine and neck will not be appropriately supported if the mattress is too soft.

The pain and sleep paradox is quite applicable here; let's delve deeper into the factors to be taken into consideration when considering a mattress for yourself:

Personal Preferences in Louisville KY

As opposed to the common misconception that firm mattresses are the best option to cure a bad back, the reality is quite the opposite.

What might work for one person might not be the same for another.

This is why personal preferences should guide your mattress buying decisions.

For people comfortable with soft mattresses, hard ones are a complete no-no. The bottom-line should be a good-night's sleep with minimum discomfort and stiffness.

Physical Components Determine Comfort

The physical composition of the mattress will help you gauge its comfort. If you are undergoing chiropractic care, they are sure to stress upon the importance of sleeping well at night.

The inner springs and coils embedded in the mattress are responsible for giving your back the needed support. They are then padded at varying depths that add on to the comfort level. Choose the mattress that best suits your body structure and shop wisely.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Curves

A mattress needs to support your curves. A mattress that's not hard enough to help you rest your body will lead to muscle soreness. On the other hand, a mattress that is too hard may lead to undue pressure at sensitive points.

A good mattress incorporates the function of providing spine alignment and sufficient back support. The padding is for added comfort. Your neck and shoulder should also be elevated at a certain angle to prevent aches and cramps. Attention to detail is specifically important depending on your sleep posture and personal preference.

When in doubt go for a 'medium-firm' mattress. A study conducted on 300 people with lower back pain, reported significantly lower levels of discomfort in 90 days when made to sleep on 'medium-firm' mattresses as compared to 'firm' mattresses.

The mattress that you opt for may be a great way to support your chiropractic treatment. There are always a number of factors at play that are responsible for your discomfort. Get in touch with one of the most reputed family chiropractic care services in Louisville KY and let us help you take proper care of your back.


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