Sleeping Positions: Their Pros and Cons in Louisville

Sleeping Positions: Their Pros and Cons in Louisville KY

Is your Sleep Position Harming Your Health in Louisville KY

Are you encountering uneasiness, fatigue, or tenderness that seems to have no reason? You may consider altering your sleeping position to help you feel better. While sleeping may seem to be one of the easiest things to do, the fact is that it's not that simple. Both, sleeping too little and too much have long been associated with a host of health problems in Louisville KY - from obesity to heart disease, dementia and diabetes. What's more; your sleeping position can take part in snoring, indigestion, and even aging!

Here are some of the most common sleeping positions and their pros and cons:

Back Sleepers in Louisville KY

Sleeping on your back is great for your spine and neck health because it keeps it straight. Moreover, back sleeping enables the mattress to perform its duty: supporting the spine.

In an ideal (yet uncomfortable) scenario, you may want to sleep on your backs without a pillow, as it leaves the neck in a dispassionate position. On the other hand, using too many pillows can make breathing complicated.

Back sleeping is also a champion for the more cosmetically inclined people. Lastly, spending the night with face out in the open-and not smashed up in a pillow-results in lesser facial wrinkles.


Snoring and sleep apnea tend to become more frequent when a person sleeps on his/her back. Back sleeping is so deeply linked to sleep apnea that doctors stipulate side sleeping as its treatment.

It is imperative to note that a supported spine doesn't always guarantee a good night's sleep. According to a study, people with poor-quality sleep spent more time on their backs than people with good-quality sleep.

Side Sleepers

Doctors encourage pregnant women to sleep on their left side as it enhances blood circulation to the heart, benefiting the mom and baby. Another reason why side sleeping during pregnancy is a winner because sleeping on the back puts strain on the lower back, potentially leading to fainting; while stomach-sleeping is impracticable for apparent reasons. On the other hand, people who are not expecting can ease heartburn and acid reflux by sleeping sideways.

Keeping all the pros aside, sleeping on the left side can pressurize the stomach and lungs. Moreover, all side sleepers are aware of the fact that this position can result in the dismayed arm numbness. For most people, nuzzling into bed while placing the arm behind the head is common, but it may negatively affect muscles and nerves. Resting the body on a single arm can contain blood flow and pressurize the nerves, resulting in a condition known as "rubber arm" or excruciating pins and needles.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping reduces snoring and helps in some cases of sleep apnea; however, it's important to note that these are the only benefits of going belly-down at night.

Sleeping on the stomach is widely considered as the worst sleeping position. It evens out the innate curve of the backbone, triggering lower back pain. Moreover, sleeping with the head curved to one side can also injure the neck. Nonetheless, if this is your favorite position, try making use of pillows to steadily coach the body to snooze on one side.

Is sleeping the real cause behind your damaged spinal column? You have made a wise choice by opting for chiropractic care. Visit a Louisville KY Chiropractor today and get treated in the most natural and effective manner. Browse through our blogs or get a live tour of our office.


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