Effective Tips for Frozen Shoulder in Louisville KY

Effective Tips for Frozen Shoulder in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Louisville KY Chiropractic Care For Frozen Shoulder

Ask any chiropractor and they will tell you that frozen the one of the most common complaint they hear from their patients. More often than not the problem of frozen shoulder starts off with a minor injury to a person's rotator cuff and it starts to escalate when people stop moving it because it hurts. The problem can get a whole lot worse if people don't get the required treatment on time or don't participate in the recommended physical therapy exercises. The result of all this is that the shoulder in literally in place.

This problem is actually very easy to diagnose. Professional and experienced Louisville KY chiropractors can easily point it out if they notice that the patient is not exhibiting a wide range of motions in the shoulder or simply don't have any movement at all.

What Can You Do to Treat Your Frozen Shoulder in Louisville KY?

Seek Professional Help
Make sure that you seek professional help immediately for your rotator cuff injuring. You can consult a trained physical therapist or a chiropractic service like ours and follow the suggested recommendations. There is a chance that your body might flare up during the therapy, but it will only be temporary. Experiencing a flare up is actually a very good thing as it will give your therapist a chance to properly identify the muscles that are injured or weakened. But remember to consult your therapist immediately to that they can understand the pain better and adjust your exercise routine in a way that will make it more comfortable for you. Working your way through the pain is not the answer in fact it will only make you go through prolonged discomfort.

Breaking Up the Adhesions
An effective chiropractic treatment involves breaking up the adhesions between the muscles with very intense muscle work. This is one of those 'it has to get worse for it to get better' situations. During the treatment you might feel more pain and even mild bruising after the session is over. But afterwards you are guaranteed to notice a remarkable difference in the intensity of the pain. You need the full functionality of both arms in order to live a fully active life and that will be made wholly impossible if one of your shoulders is always permitted only limited movement. That is why you might want to consider suffering a little extra pain now instead of making the situation much worse later.

Some people try to apply heat to the affected area but most experts advise against it, as the heat might hide the symptoms for a little time but in the long run it does nothing to cure the problem. For the best frozen shoulder treatment you can contact us, the chiropractic service in Louisville KY or call us at (502) 489-8480.


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