Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe For Your Child in Louisville Care in Louisville KY

Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe For Your Child in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Louisville KY Chiropractic Care For Children

A survey conducted by Consumer Reports, published in May 2000, concluded that 35% of 46,860 respondents turned to alternative therapies for several medical issues-40% of the nearly 50,000 respondents said they opted for chiropractic to treat back pain. 40. Percent. That's over 18,500 people.

If the number of people turning to chiropractic is so high, why not choose this option for kids as well?

They most common question is: Is it safe?

Will there be any side effects? Isn't my child too young for this kind of treatment?

With so much misinformation floating around, there has been a lot of uncertainty regarding these questions.

Here we seek to dispel myths and explain just how Louisville KY chiropractic treatment is safe for your children.

Myth #1: It's new and unsafe

Quite a few people hold the belief that chiropractic procedures should not be performed on children because these procedures are experimental and unsafe. The practice dates back to around 100 years.

In 1910, D.D. Palmer (who founded chiropractic) remarked how important it was to keep a check on a child's spine all the way from birth to life's later stages. During the 1980s, Dr. Larry Webster helped bring chiropractic care for children into a legitimate field of focus. He created the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) to help chiropractors treat children.

Myth #2: Same techniques used for children in Louisville KY

Since chiropractic adjustments involve a few firm pushes and joint rotations, people are misled into thinking that the same procedures are used for children.

Chiropractic doctors undergo extensive training in order to perform on infants and children. Because of the ligamentous and musculoskeletal immaturity, chiropractors minimize the traction and rotations for children. The techniques greatly vary compared to those used on adults so that the safety of young children is ensured.

Myth #3: Children do not need a chiropractor

Perhaps a child's need for a chiropractor is even greater than an adult! Children run and fall; Symptoms like colic, difficulty in breathing, and ear infections can be misunderstood by many to mean the child is still growing up.

Even earlier, the infant faces a risk of spine misalignment during birth. These are some of the reasons for children to be taken to a chiropractor who can identify the symptoms and treat them at an earlier stage before they become problematic and interfere daily life.

Myth #4: Chiropractors are not trusted by medical doctors

Medical doctors and pediatricians often work in close contact with chiropractors in order to come up with the best solution for both adults and children.

As parents, it is a matter of great importance that our children grow up to be strong and healthy.

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