How Chiropractic Care Can Be Used To Treat Anxiety in Louisville KY

How Chiropractic Care Can Be Used To Treat Anxiety in Louisville KY

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With the fast-paced world we're living in, life can feel pretty difficult at times. It can feel hard to process everything at once with all the school and job pressure piling up. Despite living in an age of "connectivity" via the social media and the overload of information, mental illness is often ignored with people suffering alone in the dark.

Statistics reveal that anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental illnesses in the U.S, affecting around 40 million adults aged 18 or older. Yet, out of that staggering number, only 36.9% receive treatment.

These disorders are developed from a set of risk factors, including brain chemistry, genetics, life events and personality.

If you are suffering from anxiety in Louisville KY, know that you are not alone. Get immediate help. Seek therapy, Build a support system. In addition to all this, give chiropractic care a try.

What causes anxiety in Louisville KY?

Anxiety (and depression) are complex conditions that cannot be attributed to a single cause. Many different factors come together to produce the feelings of agitation, fear, hopelessness-all of which might lead to episodes of panic.

Difficult life circumstances and stress play a great role in worsening anxiety. Experiencing traumatic events or undiagnosed medical conditions might also be a factor.

Another trigger for anxiety can be IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). IBS was known to be a digestive condition which often manifested itself alongside anxiety (sometimes depression). Although it was treated like any other digestive disorder, once IBS was treated holistically (in terms of both mind and body), the symptoms subsided.

How a chiropractor can help

Since chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive and drug free, they prove to be a natural form of medication as compared with drugs and other anti-depressants which can have adverse side effects as well as create heavy reliance in the future.

Stress resulting from anxiety can cause long-term muscle tension. This creates pressure on the bones and usually results in painful joints and a misaligned spine. This tension not only pinches the nerves, but also creates disorders like occipital neuralgia and migraine.

By visiting a chiropractor, you can receive spinal adjustments to correct any misalignment. This strengthens the body and nervous system and acts as the first step in the healing process. Additional benefits include improving blood circulation and easing tense muscles which results in an overall relaxation of the body. Chiropractors also lay out a plan for patients including nutrition, diet, and exercises.

Anxiety is a real problem. While chiropractic adjustments will not cure anxiety, it does provide a way to manage it better! Contact our highly-experienced chiropractor in Louisville today by calling in at (502) 489-8480. Dr. Martin is the chief clinical director at Louisville Chiropractic with extensive experience in caring for spinal related issues.


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