Common Causes Of Discomfort In The Upper Back in Louisville KY

Common Causes Of Discomfort In The Upper Back in Louisville KY

Chiropractic Louisville KY Common Causes Of Back Pain

You're at your desk, sitting in front of your computer as you feel stiffness in your shoulders and spasms running down your back. You've taken an anti-inflammatory drug but it doesn't seem to be working. If you experience frequent upper-back discomfort in Louisville KY, you might need a little more than just pain relievers.

Causes Of Upper Back Pain in Louisville KY

Your spine consists of three parts: the neck (cervical spine), the upper spine (thoracic) and the lower spine (lumbar)-all of these have their unique functionalities. The neck provides flexibility. The upper spine provides stability and support to the entire body and the lower spine helps in lifting objects.

The upper back is designed to support the ribs, vital organs and the sternum. Injury and bad posture are some of the reasons for discomfort in the upper back. Pain in the upper back can develop gradually over weeks or immediately, as in the aftermath of an injury.

Characterized by stiffness between the shoulder blades and slight pain stretching across the shoulders, upper back pain becomes excruciatingly painful over time. If not treated promptly, upper back pain can lead to permanent disability.

We discuss some of the reasons for upper back pain here.

  • Bad Posture
    Upper back pain is common for people spending too much time over computers at work places and home. Bad posture, as a result of the computers not placed strategically at work places, lead to pain in upper back and neck areas. Repetitive motions-such as sitting at a desk all day, lifting and pulling-lead to tightened muscles across the shoulders. This leads to discomfort in the upper back.
  • Stress And Unhealthy Lifestyle
    In addition to bad posture, upper back pain can also be the result of stress. Emotional or physical stress, in conjunction with unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as little or no exercise, poor sleeping patterns and junk food can cause this kind of pain.
  • Injuries
    Upper back pain can also be caused by injuries such as a whiplash, or by a fall or slip. Many people strain their back muscles by excessive physical activities like gardening or lifting heavy objects improperly. Back pain can also be the result of degenerative changes in the spine like arthritis, scoliosis, and rib dysfunction and disc injuries.

Since the upper back is for supporting the trunk, discomfort and pain is usually because of muscle tension and strain than degenerative diseases.

Preventative Measures For Upper Back Pain

Here are a few ways you can prevent some types of back pain:

  • Stay active as much as possible. Avoid prolonged sitting or bed rest
  • Keep yourself hydrated, as dehydration can aggravate back pain
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Use adjustable desks designed for computer users
  • Place your computer screens such that your eyes land at the address bar of the screen in your natural posture.
  • Treatment For Upper Back Pain
  • Common treatments for upper back pain include anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers.

However, these medications only cure the symptoms, not the main problem. Relying on pain relievers for your back pain can lead to a potential drug abuse. Many people opt for a much safer and reliable way of treatment such as chiropractic care. It has proved to effectively treat upper and lower back pain by addressing the underlying spinal problem.

If you're suffering from back pain, contact Dr. Shawn Martin D.C. at Louisville Chiropractic today for an appointment. The experienced chiropractor in Louisville KY thoroughly examine your back to determine the cause of your upper-back pain. After the examination, he'll discuss the findings with you and suggest a treatment plan specifically designed for you.


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