How To Maintain Optimal Spinal Health in Louisville KY

How To Maintain Optimal Spinal Health in Louisville KY

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According to an estimate, up to 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at some point of their lives. Due to unhealthy lifestyle and degenerative changes, both adolescents and elderly are vulnerable to back issues.

Not all back pain in Louisville KY can be avoided but taking preventative steps can go a long way. Incorporate these healthy habits to maintain a healthy spine way into your golden years.

Proper Lifting

You can injure your spine while lifting heavy weights incorrectly. While lifting, make sure to use your knees and legs to lift than your upper body. Keep your arms at the object's level by bending your knees and your back straight while lifting. Get help if the object is heavy. Don't try to lift objects that constitute more than 25% of your bodyweight.

Maintaining Correct Sleeping Conditions in Louisville KY

A good night's sleep helps in preventing many illnesses. It's a great way for your body to rejuvenate itself. Therefore, proper sleeping conditions are necessary to get the most out of your sleep.

It is recommended to sleep on your back or side rather than your stomach. Sleeping on the stomach puts extreme pressure on your spine. It also makes the body vulnerable to sleep apnea conditions. A supportive mattress and pillow that promote the alignment of the neck should be used. Turn your mattress often enough so it wears evenly.

Stretch Often

Including stretches for your back and neck in your daily routine maintains flexibility in the muscles and joints. Stretching regularly prevents injuries and can be invigorating.

Stay Active

To support your lower back, your core muscles need to be strong. You can maintain a strong core by targeted exercises for your abs and back. Moreover, staying active throughout the day-whether it's going to the gym or for a run or swim-can help maintain overall health, including a healthy spine.

Maintain A Healthy body weight

Having excessive weight can put additional stress on the muscles, ligaments and tendons in your lower back. This makes you prone to lower-back pain. Following a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise can maintain a healthy body weight and prevent back aches.

Keep Hydrated

Staying hydrated maintains the fluidity in joints and soft-tissue elasticity. Our spine is made up of small vertebrae cushioned with cartilaginous discs that hold the vertebrae together and provide mobility in the spine. Over time, these discs lose moisture and shrink. This causes the vertebrae to rub against one another and result in extreme pain and discomfort.

Be Mindful Of Ergonomics In The Workplace

Practicing good ergonomics in the workplace can aid in maintaining the health of your spine. Ensure that your workspace is adjusted to your height. Sit on a chair that provides lower-back support or place a rolled-up towel placed behind the small of your back. Your feet should rest flat on the floor and your knees should be at 90 degrees. Avoid sitting for prolonged periods, as it can cause muscle stiffness. Moreover, taking breaks can improve your productivity.

Spinal issues should be taken care of immediately. If neglected for too long, back issues can worsen and ultimately lead to disability. Chiropractic care is a safer treatment for back aches. If you're looking for experienced chiropractors in Louisville, KY, contact us today at (502) 489-8480 to book an appointment.

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